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Is my bleeding over my usual amount of days normal?

A normal period can last from 2 to 8 days.  For more answers see our Educational Resources page.

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Is a  hysterectomy my only option for my abnormal bleeding?
Different surgical options may be available to stop your abnormal uterine bleeding.  For more information visit our Educational Resources page
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What is colposcopy?
Colposcopy is a procedure that gives your healthcare provider a magnified view of the cervix.  For more information visit our Educational Resources page.
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What is an endometrial ablation?

An endometrial ablation surgically reduces or stops heavy uterine bleeding. For more information visit our Educational Resources page. 

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I've been told that I have ovarian cyst, is this normal?
A cyst is a fluid-filled sac, similar to a blister.  Some types of ovarian cysts are formed as a result of the normal process of ovulation - the monthly release of an egg from an ovary.  Cysts that are abnormal often occur as the result of an imbalance in the female hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are produced in the ovaries.
For more information on other ovarian cyst problems, please contact us and schedule an appointment.   
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What happens to your hormones and body, when under a lot of stress?
Nutrition and nutritional supplements play a key role in your well being.  Exercise, high fiber diets, eating the healthy fats, eliminating stress, and avoiding external estrogens decreases the amount of active estrogen in the body.  For further detailed information, please call and set an appointment.  
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Since I turned 50, I can't seem to keep the weight off.  I still exercize and eat right, but I keep gaining, is something wrong with me?
During menopause women may have normal or even elevated tissue levels of estrogen while progesterone levals are low or immeasurable.  An imbalance of the two hormones is more likely to be the cause of menopausal symptoms that solely an estrogen deficiency.
The functions of  progesterone include using fat for energy, decreasing water retention, eliminating depression and anxiety, improving mental function...
Please take a look at our newsletter or one of the online resources we have made available for your convenience .
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