5 Amazing Features of Bio Identical Hormone Therapy That Can Improve Your Quality of Life

When you reach menopause, you may notice a number of troubling symptoms that accompany the hormonal fluctuations that mark this “change of life.” Conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) subdues many of the symptoms, but comes along with its own health concerns and risks. You’re reluctant to move forward with HRT, but you’re still not happy with the changes that menopause has brought, including:

Dr. Jennifer C. Brooks, an expert and compassionate OB/GYN in Fort Worth, Texas, understands that you want to be symptom free without worrying about the side effects of conventional HRT. That’s why she offers FDA-approved bioidentical HRT for women who want to control the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause while minimizing long-term consequences.

Here are just five of the amazing features of BHRT:

1. BHRT hormones look and act like your hormones

Unlike conventional HRT, which is based on hormones that are extracted from sources such as mare urine, BHRT is derived from high-quality vegetable sources, including extract of yam. The hormones are synthesized to exactly mimic the chemical and molecular structure of a woman’s natural hormones. Conventional HRT contains characteristics that are not identical to human hormones.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Brooks can also write a prescription for BHRT that’s based on your own unique hormonal profile. The compounding lab then produces BHRT that’s custom designed for you alone.

2. You can release your “new” hormones more naturally

While BHRT comes in creams and lotions, many women choose to have a hormonal pellet inserted into their hip once every 4-6 months. BHRT pellets release gradually, closely mimicking your own body’s slow and consistent output of hormones. Dr. Brooks helps you choose a delivery system that’s most compatible with your symptoms, lifestyle, and need for relief.

3. You stabilize in just 10 days

After you start your BHRT therapy, your body adjusts to the new hormones in under two weeks. During the adjustment period, you’ll notice your symptoms gradually subsiding. If you stop BHRT, your symptoms may return.

4. BHRT makes you feel normal again

Once your hormone levels stabilize to premenopausal levels, the symptoms of menopause stop. You feel like yourself again as you regain:

You may also find that hormone-related weight gain around your abdomen and hips gradually resolves. If you’re troubled by excess weight, Dr. Brooks also helps with medically supervised weight loss or body contouring, if you wish.

5. You don’t have to take BHRT forever

Dr. Brooks recommends BHRT to subdue intense symptoms of perimenopause and menopause that interfere with your quality of life. Though the North American Menopause Society estimates that up to 75% of women in perimenopause experience troubling hot flashes, they usually resolve within six months to five years. Dr. Brooks can also recommend other therapies, including vaginal rejuvenation, to help restore you to a vibrant and healthy sex life.

To find out how BHRT helps you manage and subdue the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause, call us today or book a consultation with Dr. Brooks online.

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