BodyFX is the superior solution to improve the appearance of cellulite, reduce dimpled skin, loss of elasticity on the abdomen, love handles, hips, thighs, and other areas that require fat reduction. 

Treatment Schedule:

4-8 Weekly Sessions

Treatment Length:

60-90 minutes

Recovery Time:

No downtime


  • Eliminate Cellulite

  • Melt Stubborn Body Fat

  • Target Problem Areas

  • Tighten Loose, Sagging Skin

Are You a BodyFX Candidate?

If you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn fat, despite your dieting and exercise regimen, and you really want to achieve a trimmer appearance without having to undergo invasive surgery, then BodyFX may be a perfect fit for your body. 




About BodyFX

​BodyFX is a long lasting, non-invasive system that uses radiofrequency energy and heated massage suction to tighten skin, remove stubborn fat, like love handles and the dreaded muffin top, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is ideal for patients who want to improve the appearance of their skin without surgery or downtime.  

What is BodyFX?

BodyFx will reshape your body to provide a completely non-surgical alternative to liposuction. BodyFx can focus energy to target fat specifically, while simultaneously smoothing and tightening the skin. Using a combination of different clinically proven modalities -including radio frequency energy, deep tissue heating and suction coupled with negative pressure-, BodyFX treats stubborn areas of fat or cellulite where tightening of the overlying skin is also necessary. The result is not just a reduction of fat, but also a remodeling of the skin for optimal body contouring. 

How does BodyFX work?

The BodyFX treatment is based on radiofrequency energy at levels that induce heating of the fat cells, stimulating fat metabolism and breakdown, as well as destroying some of the fat cells membranes. First, the tissue is withdrawn into the chamber of the applicator, thus enabling treatment deeper in the fat layer. Next, radio frequency energy distributes heat to the skin and underlying fat, causing the tissues to heat and contract. Once the target tissue reaches temperature a second energy pulse is delivered responsible for killing the fat cell. The heating effect stimulates fat metabolism and collagen which helps to tighten skin while the secondary pulse improves cellulite appearance and targets localized fat deposits. The vacuum and controlled energy pulses work synergistically to provide beautiful body contouring results and a percent of fat reduction each treatment.


Is BodyFX safe?

A series of RF energy is delivered be a succession of pulses at 1 million cycles per second. While this may sound intense, it is very safe. To maximize comfort, the body’s temperature is constantly monitored, with ongoing accurate feedback of the skins temperature, this thermal monitoring provides the utmost in temperature control.

What to Expect


Treatment Overview

The treatment area is 6 x 6 inches with application of continuous energy consistently maintaining a certain temperature that destroys fat cells. The exact length of a BodyFX treatment will ultimately depend on the specifics discussed during the consultation.

How much downtime?

There is little to no downtime and patients may resume their daily activities immediately after completing a BodyFX treatment.

The most reported side effects from some patients are that they may see slight redness in the treated area, which will subside within a few hours.

How quickly will I see results?

Results are seen almost immediately after the first treatment for fat and cellulite, while skin tightening effects take more time and reach a peak at 6 to 12 months.  Gradual improvements in the treatment area can be seen following the first few treatments with the skin’s surface feeling smoother and softer instantly.

Next Steps

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