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Jennifer C. Brooks, M.D.

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Many in the medical community believe that America is in the midst of an overweight and obesity epidemic. For those in and around Fort Worth, Texas, Jennifer C. Brooks, MD, offers medically supervised weight loss, an approach that helps you reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you’ve tried many weight loss plans and failed to achieve the desired results, it’s time to schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brooks to discuss an alternative. Online scheduling is available, or you can set up your visit by phone.

Weight Loss Q & A

What health risks are associated with being overweight or obese?

The health risks of carrying excess pounds are well-documented. Not only are many women troubled by the aesthetic issues of being overweight, but serious health ramifications are a pressing concern.

If you are obese or significantly overweight, you have a higher risk of:


  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Osteoporosis
  • Sleep apnea
  • High cholesterol
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Certain cancers


Losing weight almost immediately decreases these risks, and it’s possible to reach a normal risk level once you reach and maintain a healthy, stable weight.


Why are so many weight loss efforts unsuccessful?

There’s no shortage of diet and exercise plans you can choose from, some of which are healthier than others. The reason so many people struggle to find success with these plans is because it’s incredibly hard to sustain significant lifestyle changes.

That’s especially true in regard to plans that require strict diets and excessive or unusual exercise schedules. In order to succeed, you need to completely alter your daily habits, a luxury that is hard to fit into the obligations of family, career, and community that many women already juggle each day.


How is medically supervised weight loss different?

One benefit of medically supervised weight loss is the support provided by Dr. Brooks and her team. You’ll have trusted advisors to turn to if you have questions or concerns. If something isn’t working right, modifications are made to keep you on track.

Dr. Brooks also has the skills and training needed to prescribe medications that safely enhance your weight loss journey. You won’t have to worry that supplements purchased online or from unknown sources are ineffective or put your health at risk. If you encounter unpleasant side effects, your dosage or medication types are adjusted as needed.

Professional weight loss counseling is also part of the process and is an area where Dr. Brooks excels. She sits down with you to address the habits and motivations that lead you to overeat and helps you find healthier patterns that deliver results. That level of support is important as you begin your weight loss journey and move closer to your goals.



To learn more about how Dr. Brooks approaches medically supervised weight loss, schedule a face-to-face consultation today. You can book your visit by phone or via the website, but make today the day you place your health as your top priority.