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Gynecological Care

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Health by Medicine

Beauty by Nature

At Exclusively Gyn & Aesthetics, we offer a wide range of services, from gynecological medicine, to non-invasive aesthetic procedures, that help our patients look and feel their best. Whether you want to improve your health, the quality of your skin or the shape of your body, our highly trained professionals will create a customized treatment plan that delivers superior results. 

Featured Services

Hormone replacement therapy

HORMONE Replacement

* Increase Energy 

* Increase Weight Loss

* Hormone Pellet Therapy

Vaginal Rejuvenation


* Pain During Sex

* Vaginal Dryness

* Vaginal Tightening


medical weightloss

* Lose Fat

* Improve Health

* Maintain Results

About Us

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Jennifer C. Brooks MD, FACOG

What sets Dr. Brooks apart is her dedication to providing individualized services for every patient that enters her practice.

Listening to her patients’ concerns, treating them with compassion, and collaborating with each patient to create a treatment plan according to their needs – that is her mission.

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